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ABTG at ThoughtSpot 2013, After-Thoughts

Held from July 24th to the 27th, the Good Neighbor Pharmacy ThoughSpot event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was a huge success in promoting independents and their dedication to the communities they served. In attendance were 200+ exhibitors involved in the various aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain, as well as thousands of independent pharmacy representatives.

Many different events allowed the many independent representatives the chance to sample the technology that would help them maximize their operations. Demonstrations on workflow optimization were provided to customers using current and future Yuyama products such as theEV-54 and EV-120, in conjunction with ABTG’s proprietary software.

Keynote speakers, networking events and informational sessions provided small pharmacy owners with new information and fresh ideas for best practice. The peer network also provided prospective customers feedback from current clients on their product-usage, allowing them to make more informed decisions for streamlining their own operations.

Together, Yuyama and ABTG reinforce their commitment to both major retail chains as well as their independent customers.