Adding New Medications

  • Order custom cassettes online to accommodate new drugs
  • Average 48 hour turnaround time
  • Enter NDC, drug name, fill quantity, lot #, expiration date, and pharmacist’s initials into machine, and pour tablets into cassette

Custom Cassette Benefits:

  • Yuyama cassettes can dispense virtually any type, size and shape of oral solid with no drug exclusion list (Example: Levoxyls, Trazodones, Alprazolam 2mg., etc)
  • Saves time – no in-pharmacy calibration, testing, or recalibration required
  • New drugs are accurately measured by Yuyama technicians
  • Large 650cc cassette volume can accommodate a large bottle of large tablets
  • Custom drug cassettes allow greater pill count accuracy and are compatible with a wider range of drugs

Cassette Management