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Cassette Assembly Capacity Augmented by Fanuc and Mori Seiki

Yuyama’s signature technology for its drug canisters are specially-made rotors that account for various pill shapes and sizes. In the ever-changing world of medicine, new drugs are created while others outgrow their patents and become generic. Over our years of service to the medical industry, Yuyama has developed over a thousand types of rotors in response to these changes.

Yuyama USA initially faced a bottle-neck due to complete rotor-production originating from Japan. In order to keep up with our growing customer base and its increasing needs, Yuyama Japan/USA has installed a combination Fanuc robot and Mori Seiki machining center at our IL facility. The automation stores the information of the thousand-plus rotor types in production and is capable of storing thousands more. The preparation area holds 200 EV-type rotor ‘blanks’ and an additional 160 spaces dedicated to custom-type rotors for specialty machines. The machine is also capable of being run unmanned during evening hours.

The flexibility in operating hours also allows Yuyama USA to cut down customer delivery times from months to a matter of days. In addition, the capacity increase with proper forecasting for molded rotor material has allowed Yuyama USA to completely eliminate the need for backorders. Finally, the proper support from our in-house Cassette Technician allows new drug rotors can be measured, programmed and ready for production in a single day.

With this added capability, Yuyama USA looks forward to further improving its service offerings and value to its growing customer base.