Custom Cassette Benefits:

Individually customized by medication to ensure accuracy, our cassettes eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, tablet miscounts and calibration errors.

  • Yuyama cassettes can dispense virtually any type, size and shape of oral solid with no drug exclusion list (Example: Levoxyls, Trazodones, Alprazolam 2mg., etc)
  • No in-pharmacy calibration, testing, or recalibration required
  • Average 48 hour turnaround time
  • New drugs are accurately measured by Yuyama technicians
  • Large 650cc cassette volume can accommodate a large bottle of large tablets
  • Custom drug cassettes allow greater pill count accuracy and are compatible with a wider range of drugs

Introducing the Super Cassette!

In addition to the benefits offered by our standard cassettes with rotors, Super Cassettes include the following features:

  • 2200cc drug capacity – compared to the EV-54’s 900cc cassettes, or the EV-120 and EV-220’s 650cc cassettes
  • Only take up two drug cells
  • Ideal for the most frequently distributed capsules and pills
  • No onsite adjustments or modifications necessary for existing machines
  • Same delivery time as a standard cassette

Cassette Management


Meet UL and MET Approved Safety Standards

For maximum safety and accuracy, our machines feature barcode-driven technology. What’s more, unlike vacuum dispense types, Yuyama machines do not create powder dust.

Humidity, altitude or unfiltered contaminants will not affect performance.