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Even Before You Get Your Yuyama Installed…

Yuyama’s intention is to provide machines that will work 100% of the time at time of installation to pharmacies all around the globe. You will never have a machine on installation day that will not work for one reason or another. No exceptions. This is representative of our commitment to total quality towards the machines and more importantly, the customer. Our stringent, pre-ship quality-control testing system allows our machines to function longer and more successfully in the field, and require less maintenance from the pharmacy staff as well as our own engineers. So what happens, exactly, before your machine leaves our facilities?
It starts when the machines arrive at our dock. All QC work is done by seasoned engineers ONLY. As another testament to our quality, the training of our newest members takes at least30 days of 8-hour, intensive training on all facets of our products is a testament to our commitment to quality. 

The hardware and software is installed onto the machines. We have different versions and combinations, depending on the customer and machines being provided. Once all necessary upgrades are implemented, they are tested multiple times with various scenarios to confirm compatibility. During this stage, calibrations are also done to the machine’s internal components, as well as the testing of all hardware components’ functionality.
Finally, we upload YOUR custom drug list. This is a list of 54 to 220 drugs (depending on your machine) that you would like the machine to function with when it’s installed in your facility. The list is tailored to your pharmacy’s needs, and can be changed even within a week before your product ships. 
With such rigorous testing, Yuyama has been able to say that we’ve had a 100% integration rate and zero failures for all of our installations. See what Yuyama can do for you by contacting us or any of our distributors.