FAQs – Machine

How accurate is the machine?
At about 99.9% accuracy, the Yuyama is considerably more accurate than a human. Among the most accurate methods of filling prescriptions, Yuyama automation contains various safety checks and safety features and is virtually error free. Because of the various safety checks and counting accuracy, a Yuyama machine also remarkably improves inventory accuracy.
How safe is it to use?
Yuyama’s barcode technology ensures accuracy when filling drug cassettes or grabbing filled vials. Yuyama machines use multiple safety checks at each step of use to reduce possibility of error. Yuyama EV-120 and EV-220 are UL and MET listed with nationally recognized safety standards.
What are the time savings?
For a pharmacy that fills 500 oral solid scripts a day, the EV-120 saves over 9 labor hours per day. For a pharmacy that fills 800 oral solid scripts a day, the EV-220 saves about 19 ½ labor hours a day.
Is it difficult to load vials in a Yuyama?
No, it is actually the easiest and most user-friendly system on the market. With our random-load vial bin design, you can dump a box of vials directly into the machines vial bin. No need to load hundreds of vials one by one.
Can Yuyama integrate with existing pharmacy management software?
Yuyama is able to interface through HL7 and TCP/IP network communications with ease. We can integrate with any workflow and pharmacy management software.Yuyama automation is compatible with AutoMed Efficiency WorkPath. It is also compatible with QS/1 and PDX software.
Are there any medications it can’t handle?
Yuyama does not have a drug exclusion list of drugs it cannot dispense. Our machines can handle virtually all sizes and shapes of oral solids, including large, small, odd-shaped, or chalky tablets. Unlike competing products, Yuyama can even handle hard to dispense drugs like Levoxyl, Metformin, Polyviflor, Trazodone, alprazolam 2 mg, and Tylenol 3.
Is it difficult to fill drug cassettes in a Yuyama?
Cassettes are large (660cc) and easy to fill. Drug cassettes are factory calibrated by Yuyama USA. Yuyama does not use universal type cassettes so there is no need for pharmacy staff to calibrate, test, and re-calibrate the drug cassettes. This system improves counting accuracy, reliability, and drastically cuts down cases of tablets being broken or dropped. No funnels are required. No air compressors are required.
What are the steps to add a new drug to a Yuyama machine?
The process is simple. First, access our website and order new cassettes by searching by NDC or drug name. New cassettes arrive within 5 business days, although we average about 3 days. Upon receiving cassettes, enter new NDC, drug name, fill quantity, lot #, expiration date, and pharmacists initials into machine. Newly ordered cassettes can be traced via our website under the “check status” feature.
What kind of pharmacies do Yuyama robots do well in?
Retail Pharmacies, University Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Prisons, Central Fill, Mail Order, Tele-pharmacy, Government, Department of Defense, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Hospitals to name a few. Yuyama can also custom make automation to fit your specific needs.
What is the percentage of daily prescriptions a Yuyama can fill?
The EV-120 fills 40%-50% of countable oral solid prescriptions. The EV-220 can fill 50%-65% of countable oral solid prescriptions. These numbers may change depending on which drugs are in the machine and countable oral solid script volume.
What is the typical daily volume of a pharmacy with Yuyama automation?
Yuyama vial filling machines are ideal for pharmacies with anywhere from 100 to 1000+ scripts a day. Whatever your volume is, we have a solution.
How fast are Yuyama robots compared with competitors?
While we are primarily concerned with safety, accuracy, quality, and customer satisfaction, we are also proud to say our robots are the fastest vial filling robots on the market. Yuyama uses no noisy air compressors, no inaccurate “universal” drug cassettes, or older technology. Yuyama prides itself on superior customer service, safety, and innovation.
How does it contribute to keeping patient information safe?
Yuyama machines only use Direct Thermal printers so there are no ink ribbons that require safe disposal.

Service FAQ’s

What should I expect for Installation?
To be prepared for installation, a space has to be cleared out. This typically means taking down one shelving unit. You will need a dedicated duplex outlet. It typically takes less than an hour to install a Yuyama machine within a pharmacy.
After the machine is in place, it takes about 8 hours to initially fill the drug cassettes and train pharmacy staff on using the new Yuyama. Typically, installation starts at 6:00 AM and is done by 2 or 3:00 PM.
How is Yuyama’s service and support?
Yuyama is praised for having some of the best service and support in the market. We know how integral to daily pharmacy operation our machines can be. We take great pride in keeping everything running as smoothly as possible. We are proactive toward preventive maintenance and believe in working smart to prevent machine downtime.
What is Yuyama’s presence in the USA?
Yuyama has been in the USA for 12 years with 1400+ machines in service. To keep up with growth across the country, service is nationwide with regional service offices.