ABTG at ThoughtSpot 2013, After-Thoughts

Held from July 24th to the 27th, the Good Neighbor Pharmacy ThoughSpot event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was a huge success in promoting independents and their dedication to the communities they served. In attendance were 200+ exhibitors involved in the various aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain, as well as thousands of independent pharmacy representatives.

Many different events allowed the many independent representatives the chance to sample the technology that would help them maximize their operations. Demonstrations on workflow optimization were provided to customers using current and future Yuyama products such as theEV-54 and EV-120, in conjunction with ABTG’s proprietary software.

Keynote speakers, networking events and informational sessions provided small pharmacy owners with new information and fresh ideas for best practice. The peer network also provided prospective customers feedback from current clients on their product-usage, allowing them to make more informed decisions for streamlining their own operations.

Together, Yuyama and ABTG reinforce their commitment to both major retail chains as well as their independent customers.

Yuyama Gains Attention and Insight at ASHP’s Largest-Ever MidYear Clinical Meeting

At this winter’s American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) 2012 Midyear Clinical Meeting, Yuyama showcased its latest product developments and gained valuable feedback from attendees.

The record-breaking event (Dec. 2 – 6 in Las Vegas) featured advanced medical technologies available from well-known manufacturers throughout the world.

Partnered with its U.S. distributor, Amerisource Bergen® Technology Group (ABTG), Yuyama exhibited products from its line of vial filling systems. ABGT representatives together with Yuyama engineers from Japan and the U.S. presented the product line to highly interested meeting attendees. Feedback regarding Yuyama’s current product line and their U.S. products under development was extremely positive. Both Yuyama and ABGT plan to work to integrate some of the features suggested by customers into their upcoming products.


Representatives of Yuyama Japan/USA were invited by our partner Amerisource Bergen® Technology Group (ABTG) to the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition happening on Dec 2 – 6 at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Our showcase will include the EV-54, EV-120, and EV-220. And as a special surprise, ABTG representatives and our engineers will be revealing our jointly-developed Fastpak ELITE (FDS-II PROUD) among our other new innovations! Stop by the booth, say hello, and see how Yuyama products can help revolutionize your operations!

ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting 2012
December 2-6, 2012
Booth #1649
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV 

Even Before You Get Your Yuyama Installed…

Yuyama’s intention is to provide machines that will work 100% of the time at time of installation to pharmacies all around the globe. You will never have a machine on installation day that will not work for one reason or another. No exceptions. This is representative of our commitment to total quality towards the machines and more importantly, the customer. Our stringent, pre-ship quality-control testing system allows our machines to function longer and more successfully in the field, and require less maintenance from the pharmacy staff as well as our own engineers. So what happens, exactly, before your machine leaves our facilities?
It starts when the machines arrive at our dock. All QC work is done by seasoned engineers ONLY. As another testament to our quality, the training of our newest members takes at least30 days of 8-hour, intensive training on all facets of our products is a testament to our commitment to quality. 

The hardware and software is installed onto the machines. We have different versions and combinations, depending on the customer and machines being provided. Once all necessary upgrades are implemented, they are tested multiple times with various scenarios to confirm compatibility. During this stage, calibrations are also done to the machine’s internal components, as well as the testing of all hardware components’ functionality.
Finally, we upload YOUR custom drug list. This is a list of 54 to 220 drugs (depending on your machine) that you would like the machine to function with when it’s installed in your facility. The list is tailored to your pharmacy’s needs, and can be changed even within a week before your product ships. 
With such rigorous testing, Yuyama has been able to say that we’ve had a 100% integration rate and zero failures for all of our installations. See what Yuyama can do for you by contacting us or any of our distributors.


Promising Feedback for New Yuyama Products at AmerisourceBergen® Technology Group NetwoRx Conference!

Congratulations to Yuyama Mfg. Co. Ltd’s US distribution partner AmerisourceBergen® Technology Group (ABTG) for a successful NetwoRx 2012 Conference event. The event was held at the Renaissance® Chicago Downtown from April 11th through the 13th, and its attendees included some of ABTG’s most influential customers from hospitals and institutions all across America.

ABTG and Yuyama Mfg. Co. Ltd have taken their partnership to a deeper level, with the strategic release of new products targeted specifically for the US Market. Several of these products were on display in the showroom available to all conference attendees. With technical support and collaboration from both Yuyama and ABTG, Yuyama products are fully integrated with ABTG’s solutions set, providing customers with the optimal combination of products from a single, trusted vendor.

In addition, several new products were previewed to a select group of end users in order to further refine their compatibility in the US market. Yuyama found the feedback to be extremely useful in helping define the future capabilities of our products. We thank the customers for their time and their opinions, as well as ABTG for hosting this event. With the added support from ABTG, Yuyama is eagerly anticipating the release of safe, secure and accurate products that further the capabilities of pharmacy automation and compounding!

Cassette Assembly Capacity Augmented by Fanuc and Mori Seiki

Yuyama’s signature technology for its drug canisters are specially-made rotors that account for various pill shapes and sizes. In the ever-changing world of medicine, new drugs are created while others outgrow their patents and become generic. Over our years of service to the medical industry, Yuyama has developed over a thousand types of rotors in response to these changes.

Yuyama USA initially faced a bottle-neck due to complete rotor-production originating from Japan. In order to keep up with our growing customer base and its increasing needs, Yuyama Japan/USA has installed a combination Fanuc robot and Mori Seiki machining center at our IL facility. The automation stores the information of the thousand-plus rotor types in production and is capable of storing thousands more. The preparation area holds 200 EV-type rotor ‘blanks’ and an additional 160 spaces dedicated to custom-type rotors for specialty machines. The machine is also capable of being run unmanned during evening hours.

The flexibility in operating hours also allows Yuyama USA to cut down customer delivery times from months to a matter of days. In addition, the capacity increase with proper forecasting for molded rotor material has allowed Yuyama USA to completely eliminate the need for backorders. Finally, the proper support from our in-house Cassette Technician allows new drug rotors can be measured, programmed and ready for production in a single day.

With this added capability, Yuyama USA looks forward to further improving its service offerings and value to its growing customer base.


In regards to the March 11th Earthquake and Tsunami

Yuyama would like to thank our customers, distributors, suppliers and partners for their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time in Japan. We offer our condolences and deepest sympathy to the victims of the March 11 earthquake, the subsequent tsunami, and related nuclear crisis. Fortunately for the Yuyama, our Operations and Manufacturing Plants sustained no facility or property damage and no injuries were reported to our employees. Please be assured that our current production and future capacity is not hindered and that Yuyama remains committed to delivering the finest quality products.

Yuyama’s 4th generation vial machine EV54 “Nano” enjoying widespread success since its August release

Yuyama is proud to have commenced two large contracts installing thousands of EV54s into pharmacies across the USA. Since its release in August, over 100 EV54s have been installed, and are now starting to go into an accelerated installation schedule. These installations are in addition to an already packed machine installation schedule of Yuyama EV120s, EV220s and Yuyama pouch packaging machines.

Yuyama FDS-II PROUD 2nd Generation Tablet Packaging Machine original features make it a winner

Yuyama’s new Tablet Packaging machine, The FDS-II PROUD, has pioneering features, never seen before on any similar system, such as its revolver unit, an RFID cassette tracking system, and easily accessibly pill path for easy cleaning. The revolver unit is the first of its kind to help ensure that the pouch packaging precisely matches the tablets that are dispensed into them. This additional accuracy function also allows the PROUD to print greater detail, like expiration date and lot number, on the pouches.

Yuyama becomes preferred Automation Vendor of choice for distinguished national drug change

After the development of a long and successful relationship, Yuyama has become an exclusive pharmacy automation vendor and important partner to an established and well-respected national pharmacy chain. This relationship is one of mutual trust and necessity. Yuyama is happy to know that it is the type of world-class company that can build such solid business relationships and create preferred customers from scratch.