Yuyama formally announces its newest innovation, the EV-54 “Nano”, a semi-automated pill dispensing machine.

The EV-54 is a modular pill dispensing machine that counts pills into individual holding chutes. The drug cassettes and chutes feature software lock security that can only be opened through software access. The pharmacy workflow sends “fill script” commands to the EV54 for it to fill the scripts into the chutes. Once pharmacy staff scans a prescription leaflet, the appropriate chute unlocks for pharmacy staff to dispense the counted drugs into a vial. Each drug cassette, counting mechanism, and dispensing chute is independent so multiple scripts can be filled simultaneously. The EV54 upholds the accuracy of Yuyama counting technology and is built to be intuitive to use and maintain. The machine is modular and can be expanded to up to 5 units, making it ideal for small or growing pharmacies or as an entry level solution. The EV54 costs less to own and operate than similar solutions, and since it has 54 (900cc) drug cassettes in under 5 square feet, it is the most compact machine of its kind.

Yuyama Sees Success of New “Super-Cell” Drug Cassette.

Yuyama is happy to announce the availability of its new Super-Cell cassette. This new drug cassette has a capacity of 2200cc, which effectively holds more than three times the medications of Yuyama’s standard 650cc cassette. The Super-Cell only takes up the space of two regular drug cells, and requires no onsite adjustments or modifications. This significantly reduces replenishing times for a pharmacy’s most frequently dispensed tablets or capsules. The Super-Cell has proven to be a success and is perfect for large fast moving drugs like Metformin or Hydrocodone.

Yuyama is now on Facebook

In effort to get pharmacists further involved, informed, and able to discuss topics with other Yuyama users, we have created a fan page on Facebook. Check out Yuyama on Facebook here and become a fan.

Yuyama is Recognized for Superior Drug Cassette Technology

Yuyama is happy to share that its unique drug canister design is being recognized by industry professionals as the superior pharmacy automation drug canister.

Yuyama factory calibrated cassettes:

1. Offer supreme drug count accuracy – Due to Yuyama’s superior count sensor design, the counting is one of the most accurate in pharmacy automation (99.999% correct count and drug)*

2. Accommodate more types of pills – Other pharmacy robots have universal drug canister types that have many limitations to what oral solids they can accommodate. Yuyama can handle virtually any oral solid regardless of drug size, shape, or how powdery it is.

3. Stay calibrated – You do not need to calibrate, test, and re-calibrate drug canisters. Other canisters can lose calibration over time, causing pills to drop inside the robot, and causing pill count discrepancy in dispensed vials. Yuyama understands that pharmacy staff do not always have ample time to calibrate and test drug canisters every time there are drug changes. The Yuyama online canister ordering system is quick and easy. Your new canisters are shipped to you in average of 2 days.
Yuyama is thankful for this recognition and is proud to have superior designs and technology, making its automation among the most safe, accurate, and innovative on the market.*Yuyama automation utilizes barcode technology and safety checks to match prescription and drug, minimizing human error.

Yuyama USA HQ Nearly Tripling Its Size

Elk Grove Village, IL – Yuyama USA is completing a deal to move into a larger office and warehouse. The new office is roughly 189 percent larger than the existing space. Despite the hard economic conditions, Yuyama USA continues healthy growth and predicts much more growth with the introduction of new machines and new technologies this year. With the additional space, Yuyama USA will also be able to ramp up the speed of drug cassette production, thus allowing even faster turn-around time of cassettes. Yuyama credits its growth to its strict attention to superior service, safety, accuracy, and efficiency.