Streamline your workflow with various automations from Yuyama.

Retail Pharmacy Solutions

Our products fit your phamracy everywhere and its dispensing method.Feel our technologies for your needs.

Fully-Automatic Tablet Packager "Proud

Improve your patient's medicinal compliance.The Proud provides labor savings, safety and reliability.

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Fully- Automatic Tablet Packager "LitreaⅢ"

LitreaⅢ is the perfect solution for the small to middle scale pharmacies. Yuyama's newest technological innovation, named the Universal Canister, is the solution for the increasing brand-to-generic drug changes. Let LitreaⅢ help improve your pat

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Packed-Tablet Varification System,"Tab-Sight"

Tab-Sight can efficiently inspect the packed tablets for color,quantity and shape by utilizing data from packager device.User can easily check the result for each pouch on the large screen.As an option,Yuyama also provides the marking function for in

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EV-54 Semi-Automatic Vial-Filling Machine.

The EV-54 holds 54 factory-calibrated 900cc canisters. This device is very simple and user-friendly. Additionally, the performance has been highly commended by our customers, capable of filling in excess of 100 prescriptions per hour in a compact 57"

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Fully-Automatic Vial-Filling Machine "EV180UC"

The Universal Canister is the solution for Generic Medications. The canister enables users to dispense various medications after calibration. It means that pharmacists no longer need to order the additional canisters for sudden brand-generic changes

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Semi-Automatic Blister Pack Solution"Blient"

Yuyama has finally created a blister pack solution for various packs.In U.S.A,There are so many single dose packs and multi-dose packs.No other manufacturers say "all the packs are available"That's why some of packs are couldn't be in the automatic

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DTA Station

DTA Station is used as a "pre-pack solution". The scripts are sent to the packager, and some of the prescriptions have medications which are not loaded on the Packager. For added efficiency, Yuyama's system can devide various scripts by flagging thos

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DTA Storage

DTA Storage can stock up to 6 trays. When the pre-set tray in the DTA Storage is ready to be placed into the PROUD, an LED light will activate and notify the user of the proper tray. Guided by the LED, the user simply picks up the tray and places it

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Yuyama provides a fully-automatic winder for reducing time spent on manual pouch organization. The compact winder can organize a large amount of pouch strips from packager devices automatically. Once you attach the edge of the pouch strip into the s

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