Tablet Packaging Machines

Yuyama PROUD Machines efficiently, safely and accurately count pills into unit-dose or multi-dose pouch packages at up to 60 pouches per minute. The PROUD has over 99.999% counting accuracy, is compatible with most workflow software and, outside of regular cleaning, is virtually maintenance-free. It is ideal for inpatient, long-term care and assisted living pharmacies.

  • Up to 60 filled/labeled pouches per minute
  • Accurate expiration and lot number printed on every pouch
  • Adjustable pouch package sizes
  • Expandable: Can hold 260, 336 or 520 drug cassettes
  • RFID automatic drug cassette recognition

Verification Holder equiped

Adjustable Pouch Package Sizes

Yuyama gives the ability to select various packaging sizes. Depending on the operating system, the package size can be adjusted during dispense, creating optimal package sizes dependent on the number of pills to be put into any particular patient’s pouch. This helps to reduce operating costs as well as cut down packaging footprint and waste.

Factory calibrated casettes


Each Yuyama drug cassette has an RFID chip, used for automatic recognition of the cassette position, regardless of where the cassette is located. RFID stores information about the drug and, along with barcode technology, ensures the correct replenishing of each drug. The PROUD can hold information for and manage up to 999 cassettes

easy fill vial bins

Factory Calibrated Cassettes

Cassettes are factory calibrated to specific medications to optimize dispensing accuracy, and to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and tablet miscount.

robotic vial fill

Accurate Medication Details Printing

Yuyama patented technology allows the ability to print the medication lot numbers and expiration date on the pouch. It also prevents empty pouches from dispensing if medication has run out.


Safe and Secure

The PROUD is fully enclosed locking unit. Access to drugs inside the machine can only be retrieved with software access or by a manual lock in the event of a power outage. PROUD also keeps logs of drugs replenished to or dispensed from machine.

Easy to Integrate, Use and Maintain

Yuyama machines install quickly, integrate easily with pharmacy software, and are virtually maintenance-free.

Yuyama machines are easy to use and require little training to operate.



Meets MET, RoHS, and CE Approved Safety Standards

For maximum safety and accuracy, our machines feature barcode-driven technology. What’s more, unlike vacuum dispense types, Yuyama machines do not create powder dust.

Humidity, altitude or unfiltered contaminants will not affect performance.

User-Friendly Labeler

Our ink printer cartridges are easy to change. You do not have to feed ink ribbons into labeler.

Our Tablet Packaging Machines quickly and precisely fill prescriptions.

automated pharmacy machines
Scan to verify prescription and/or to add medication
automated pharmacy machines
RFID ensures the correct replenishing of each drug
automated pharmacy machines tablet revolver
A revolver unit synchronizes the counted medication with each labeled pouch
automated pharmacy machines tablet pouch
The PROUD counts, dispenses and delivers pills in sealed pouch packages