Vial Filling Systems: EV-220

  • For the busiest pharmacies
  • Fills 60% daily script volume
  • 200 filled and labeled scripts per hour
  • 800 scripts daily, 19.5 labor hours cut
  • Holds 220 factory-calibrated 650 cc cassettes
  • 29″W x 101″L x 78″H


Exclusive Factory-Calibrated Cassettes

Individually customized by medication to ensure accuracy, and to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, tablet miscounts and calibration errors. Cassettes readily accommodate an entire bottle of medication.


Unique Vial Bins

For increased efficiency, vials are replenished by the box, rather than one-by-one.


Robotic Direct Fill

Vials are filled directly from the drug cassette, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.


Handheld Verification Scanner

Scanner ensures the correct medication is replenished into the correct cassette.


Vial Delivery Windows

Vials are conveniently delivered in separate windows. Each window indicates a prescription number. You simply scan paper prescriptions with the scanner to locate corresponding vials.

Easy to Integrate, Use and Maintain

Yuyama machines install in hours, not days. They are compatible with most pharmacy software (including AutoMed, QS/1 and PDX) and are virtually maintenance-free.

Our machines are easy to use and require little training to operate.

The EV-220


Meet UL and MET Approved Safety Standards

For maximum safety and accuracy, our machines feature barcode-driven technology. What’s more, unlike vacuum dispense types, Yuyama machines do not create powder dust.

Humidity, altitude or unfiltered contaminants will not affect performance.