Features of Vial Bottle and storage



A vial filling machine that fills cassettes from the original bottles that are in them when they are shipped from the factory and dispenses them into special vials. In the fully automated type, the robot selects the appropriate vial size and automatically dispenses the required number of pills from the cassette.

What exactly are the vials used in such a fully automated vial filling machine that dispenses? In this article, we will explain about the vials used for dispensing.


What is a vial bottle? A vial bottle is a container for prescribed medicine. Originally, when the drug was delivered from a pharmaceutical company, the bottle contained information about the drug. Therefore, a payment method was devised in which a specified number of drugs were placed in a bottle called a vial bottle and necessary information was listed outside the bottle. Information about medicines is an important factor because if you take the wrong medicine, you may become rather unwell.


Features of Vial Bottle


It is preferable to keep the air and the inside of the vial away from human hands as much as possible. With the introduction of fully automatic vial dispensers, the robot will not only dispense the medication, but also select the appropriate size vial, and create and attach the label to the outside of the vial, so that the medication can be given to the patient with almost no human touch.


The medicine in the bottles that come in from the pharmaceutical factory is filled directly into the correct cassette, so there is little or no medicine on the hands, which ensures good hygiene.


Vial Bottle Issues


The problem with such vials and vial dispensers is that it is necessary to use vial dispensers and vials that meet the respective standards. If the vials do not meet the standards, they cannot be dispensed correctly, the lids cannot be closed, and the labels cannot be attached, making it impossible to automate prescriptions. In addition, no matter how automated the system is, the same information has to be input again for the same prescription.

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