Fully-Automatic Vial-Filling Machine "EV180UC"

Fully-Automatic Vial-Filling Machine "EV180UC"

The Universal Canister is the solution for Generic Medications. The canister enables users to dispense various medications after calibration. It means that pharmacists no longer need to order the additional canisters for sudden brand-generic changes. By automating 180 of your fastest-moving oral solid medications, the EV-180UC accurately fills and labels 500+ prescriptions or more per day, or 50% of countable oral solid volume.

Digital Yuyama

Product Feature

Universal Canisters

These days, a lot of medications are frequently changing into their generic counterparts. To assist pharmacists with the added costs of this trend, Yuyama has developed a special canister that can caribrate itself to count various drugs, making concerns about drug changes a thing of the past.

Visual Check on the 15" Touchscreen

The user can operate and check prescriptions easily from the touchscreen. Every time the user wants to see the history of the dispensed drugs,_patient names, Rx No, Drug code and so on, this device will not only display this information the window, but also output data via CSV file or printout.

Calibration and Replenishment Station

This unit enables canisters to automatically self-calibrate based on the information taken from the Imaging Station, ensuring that there is no possibility of incorrect calibration due to manual/human error.

Drug Imaging Station

The Drug Imaging Station is where photos of medication are taken and analyzed for the canister to calibrate itself. Our device ensures perfect calibration, completely eliminating the problems caused by manual canister adjustment.

Easy-To-Follow Label Path

Many modern devices leave their pharmacists scratching their heads due to the complexity of threading new labels or when the label jams. Yuyama has simplified the composition of the printer, designing it so that the user can set labels easily. Yuyama makes sure that replenishing the device doesn't get in the way of our customers' business.

Versatile Vial Bin Technology

Yuyama uses exclusive technology for its random load vial bins, designed to let you easily pour a box of vials into the machine. Vials do not need to be loaded individually, and the EV-180UC continues operation while canisters and vial bins are being replenished.

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