Support Systems

Yuyama have various support devices to take full advantage of machine's capability and maximize the efficiency and safety.


Packed-Tablet Varification System,”Tab-Sight”

Tab-Sight can efficiently inspect the packed tablets for color,quantity and shape by utilizing data from packager device.User can easily check the result for each pouch on the large screen.As an option,Yuyama also provides the marking function for inaccurate pouches.Users can check the marked pouches after verification, making this the best solution for your patient safety.

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Automatic Winder Helps Organize Your Medications Pouches.

Yuyama provides a fully-automatic winder for reducing time spent on manual pouch organization. The compact winder can organize a large amount of pouch strips from packager devices automatically. Once you attach the edge of the pouch strip into the spooler, the winder will automatically begin operation, promoting efficiency in your workflow.

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DTA Station

Human error in manual-fills is a very common issue in this industry. To counteract this issue, Yuyama has developed this support system for manual-filling. Users prepare manual medication trays by following the LED lights and on-screen guidance from the connected work station. Users can easily understand where the drugs should be set. With the PIS integrated with our software, only the prescriptions needing manual fills will be sent to the software separately. The customer then prepares the manual medications in advance. At the same time, the system can print out the list of manually added drugs for added efficiency, improving their overall manual preparation.

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