The Yuyama USA service team provide prompt and appropriate service. Yuyama is praised for having some of the best technical support and on-site service in the market. We keep striving to improve the service level.

Call Support

The call center hear your actual situation and prvide best solutions promptly.

Machine Loading Support

Yuyama’s engineer pay close attention to your facility and devices when we load the machine

On site support

YuyamaUSA always dispatch the engineer immediately to your site when the problem happen.Our engineer are around our customer all the time.

Continuous Support

Our engineer often visit your site even if we don’t have anything but to check the machine.Yuyama won’t overlook even smaller.

Technical Support

Yuyama know the devices throughly to approach and solve any problem.Our team have meeting for sharing their experience with others on a regular basis.

Hospitable Support

Our engineer provide the support with hospitality came from Japan.Politely,Kindly and Warmly.



Unload and moving the machine

Engineer give special consideration to the machine and your facilities when bring them.We are proud of obtaining your reliability.


Set-up and Testing

We will not disappoint customer’s expectations with prompt response and assure no error.


Operation training and the machine in full operation

Solve the problems and what you have as an anxiety on your site at the time.No concerns after training.


After Service for taking full advantage of the machines

We are always by your side,which means we can support on the phone and directly visit any pleace you are!!

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Yuyama’s custom calibrated drug cells are the way to go. (Yuyama) is proving to be one of most accurate options out there. We have drug changes every month and we get new Yuyama drug cells the same week we order them. There is no need to calibrate, test, and re-calibrate cells!

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A.T., Pharmacy Manager, Florida, about his Yuyama EV-220

A.T., Pharmacy Manager, Florida, about his Yuyama EV-220

Company CEO
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Yuyama seems to be very customer-oriented. If we give feedback or modification suggestions, such as a thumb tab for opening cassette lids, they make it happen! The philosophy of ‘machines adapting to people instead of people adapting to machine’ truly applies to Yuyama!

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K.F., Pharmacy Manager, Illinois, about her Yuyama EV-220

K.F., Pharmacy Manager, Illinois, about her Yuyama EV-220

Company CEO
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My experience with Yuyama has been outstanding! The installing of the machine was quick, training the pharmacy staff was painless, and are now comfortably relying on our robot. I have absolute confidence in the company, its product and customer service

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E.Y., Pharmacist, Wisconsin, about his Yuyama

E.Y., Pharmacist, Wisconsin, about his Yuyama

Company CEO

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While we are primarily concerned with safety, accuracy, quality, and customer satisfaction, we are also proud to say our robots are the fastest vial filling robots on the market. Yuyama uses no noisy air compressors, no inaccurate "universal" drug cassettes, or older technology. Yuyama prides itself on superior customer service, safety, and innovation.

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At about 99.9% accuracy, the Yuyama is considerably more accurate than a human. Among the most accurate methods of filling prescriptions, Yuyama automation contains various safety checks and safety features and is virtually error free. Because of the various safety checks and counting accuracy, a Yuyama machine also remarkably improves inventory accuracy.

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Yuyama's barcode technology ensures accuracy when filling drug cassettes or grabbing filled vials. Yuyama machines use multiple safety checks at each step of use to reduce possibility of error. Yuyama EV-120 and EV-220 are UL and MET listed with nationally recognized safety standards.