A.T., Pharmacy Manager, Florida, about his Yuyama EV-220

Yuyama’s custom calibrated drug cells are the way to go.
(Yuyama) is proving to be one of most accurate options out there.
We have drug changes every month and we get new Yuyama drug cells the same week we order them.
There is no need to calibrate, test, and re-calibrate cells!

K.F., Pharmacy Manager, Illinois, about her Yuyama EV-220

Yuyama seems to be very customer-oriented. If we give feedback or modification suggestions, such as a thumb
tab for opening cassette lids, they make it happen! The philosophy of ‘machines adapting to people instead of people adapting to machine’ truly applies to Yuyama!

E.Y., Pharmacist, Wisconsin, about his Yuyama

My experience with Yuyama has been outstanding! The installing of the machine was quick, training the
pharmacy staff was painless, and are now comfortably relying on our robot. I have absolute confidence in the
company, its product and customer service